Skateboards that are designed to be a bit more similar to surfboards are referred to as longboards. Some of the more popular activities involving longboards include downhill racing, slalom racing, sliding and cruising. Naturally, longboards are a great way to get around as well. They often help riders to carve and slide down a hill, and they have a feel that is much closer to that of a snowboard or surfboard as well as a look that resembles them much more.



Tyler Danger Gronseth is said to have made the first example of this sort of a skateboard. He used the wood from a tree that he cut himself, and with a pair of skateboard trucks, rusty nails and some skill, he fashioned what latter started a revolution. However, longboards in the modern world are very advanced, and taking a look in a skateboard shop might startle some individuals. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for them.

Certain types of skaters might be really attracted to longboards, even though they aren’t what one would associate with skateboarding ramps or skateboarding tricks in general. Since they could be considered to have a better cruising ride, people who are going to be sailing around constantly will probably be the first ones attracted to them. A look at the deck is one of the most important things when selecting a longboard.

Pintails are usually suitable for beginners, and prevent wheel bite from ever occurring. A drop deck board will feature a lower middle of the deck. The classic cruiser is a stylish deck shape that has a kicktail at the back, and resembles old school boards, while hybrid longboards feature wheel cutouts. These wheel cutouts prevent wheel bite as well, but each different style may rely on personal preference. Every different board style has a different feel to it.

Cost is an important thing to consider as well. Krown offers complete boards for around $50, while some of the better designs that Arbor has on the market can inch up over $150. Naturally, some people also prefer to build their own board, and the prices for parts can vary wildly. However, there isn’t anything quite as satisfying as riding a custom board that had hours of work put into it. This option also allows skaters to choose unusual configurations that can give them an even greater rush when carving down a hillside.

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