Skateboard Shop

A skateboard shop is the place to be if you’re interested in getting into the sport of skating. Whether you’re looking for skateboards, helmets or skateboarding ramps, skateboard shops feature just about everything you could possibly need to get totally entrenched in skateboarding culture. As an example of what you can expect to find in skateboard shops:

Short and Longboards

Skateboard Shop

Skateboard Shop

Basically every sort of skateboard you could possibly be interested in from longboards down to those little foot long skateboards you see some people using. It’s all there. Whatever your style, whatever you’re drawn to, you’ll find the board you’re after in skateboard shops.

They also sell all the parts and tools you’ll need to properly maintain and repair and customize your skateboard from replacement trucks and wheels to wrenches and tool kits and grip tape.

Skateboarding DVDs and Books

Learning skateboarding and skateboarding tricks takes a lot of practice, first and foremost, but you need to be practicing correctly or you’ll just reinforce bad habits. Skateboard shops, luckily, have all of the DVDs, guide books and pamphlets you’ll need to go from noob to pro with enough practice.

Skateboarding Clothing and Gear

From the t-shirts and jeans to the right shoes and safety equipment, skateboard shops can get you set up with just what you need to ride comfortable and ride safe. It’s actually pretty important to wear the right gear, thick jeans, long sleeved shirts and so on. Just like a biker wears a leather jacket, you need to be comfortable and have your skin covered if you want to be able to shake off those nasty wipeouts.

Skating Culture Accessories

Skateboarding is a sport and a subculture all its own. Don’t be surprised to see all kinds of stuff along the lines of stickers, magazines and music CDs in skate shops. As a youth oriented culture, skating is geared heavily towards punk music and graffiti style art and street clothes. Most skate shops serve as one-stop locations for anything and everything a skater could need from boards and helmets to ramps and pads to shoes and jackets and DVDs and energy drinks. In the bigger shops, if a skater wants it, you’ll find it inside.

Of course, even if you’re only hear for a board, there’s one more thing you’ll get in a skate shop, and that’s good advice. The right clerk can lead you to the right board and help you through those beginning steps, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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